How to send Emails from using EasyMails?

May 24, 2024

Learn to connect EasyMails with Follow our step-by-step guide to integrate drag-and-drop email templates and share them efficiently with your team.

EasyMails: EasyMails Makes an easy way to create an Email Template and create opportunities to connect with valuable audiences for your business.

EasyMails is an email-sending service that allows you to increase brand visibility and interaction. Easymails offer the chance to engage various consumers with less time and effort.

It has never been simpler to send visually appealing HTML drag-and-drop emails thanks to EasyMails' seamless integration with With the help of integration "EasyMails," EasyMails provides you with the best answer to your automated email-sending issue and also tracking emails. EasyMails generates various email templates, which you can simply modify, share templates with team members, and store for later use.

Things to know 

Before you jump into “EasyMails”, Here are some important things to know

  • EasyMails is working with the marketplace to function. Simply log in with your account on your device and go for the EasyMails dashboard. 
  • We offer several online resources to provide help and insights about our drag-and-drop email template tools and features. Check out our video if you want to learn how everything works, or if you run into any trouble.
  • As part of EasyMails’s onboarding services, new users with a Free plan are eligible for advanced “Booking Meeting” consultation with an onboarding specialist. To learn more about the onboarding service included with your pricing plan, check out the EasyMails website.

EasyMails Features

Let’s connect EasyMails with the board and share the email template with team members. Explore various features below.

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Template Builder: Create custom emails effortlessly with a user-friendly interface.
  • Automated Email Sending: Automate your email dispatch based on specific triggers and conditions.
  • Email Tracking and Analytics: Gain insights into email performance with detailed analytics on opens, clicks, and more.
  • Multi-Account Integration: Connect multiple email accounts such as Outlook, Gmail, and SMTP for versatile sending options.
  • File Attachments: Directly attach files from specific board columns to your emails.
  • Template Sharing: Easily share and manage email templates among team members to maintain brand consistency and efficiency.

How to Use EasyMails for Emailing

Follow these steps to start sending emails from EasyMails through

  1. Setup Your Account: Sign in on both and EasyMails with your Google account.
  2. Create and Customise Email Templates: Use the EasyMails drag-and-drop builder to create HTML or plain text emails. Adjust templates to meet your specific needs.
  3. Setup Email Sender Accounts: Connect and manage your email sender accounts within EasyMails.
  4. Send Emails: Choose a template, select recipients, and send your email directly from the dashboard.
  5. View Email Stats: After sending, track your email’s performance including opens, clicks, and unsubscribes through the EasyMails dashboard.

Let’s learn the step-by-step process of sending Emails from EasyMails on

As previously mentioned, integration with Easymails on your market platform. The first thing you should do is go to “Just sign in with your account”. Then use the dashboard to integrate EasyMails so you may send emails and link Easymails to the board. 

Setup your Account

Let’s talk about the account sign-in process.

If you want to access EasyMails for your Email template builder and attach EasyMails with your board, the first step is simply to login with your marketplace and reach the main dashboard of the platform.

When you start you need to log in with your Gmail account. You can do the same process with your comfortable account. Now, go to the integrate option search EasyMails, and click on the option. In just a few seconds you set up EasyMails in your platform. 

Quick notes: You can also link your different accounts like Outlook, and SMTP.

You will be able to link your teammates to the EasyMails board if you are an organisation.

You can use the information provided when you set up an account for EasyMails to construct your dashboard with If necessary, you can change the important information or you can begin adding contacts right away.

Create Email using Email Template

EasyMails provides a drag-and-drop email template builder. All you have to do is make the necessary adjustments and save the completed version. In this email template, EasyMails offers two options: 

  • HTML Only ( Drag & Drop Editor )
  • Text Only.

Additionally, EasyMails provides you with other components that you can modify to suit your needs.

You can create your Email template as per your requirements in the Marketplace. If necessary, you can change some components, or you can begin adding different content according to your needs.

Don't worry if you haven't made any template yet! You can create drag-and-drop email components on your requirement to begin gathering more Email templates immediately. Additionally, you have different components of options to personalise the look of your Email template to make it cohesive with your brand.

Follow this step to create a different Email Template

  • Use drop-down components for making the eye-catching design of Email.
  • Click the save button.
  • If you want to edit some information then click edit and change it.
  • Save changes and go to the main dashboard.
  • To look at the modification options, scroll through the Page, email, and different tabs. Make any necessary adjustments to the styles, colours, and fields using the fields and drop-down menus. Your edits will be instantly saved and email templates to your teammates.

You'll then draft the first email. Use these procedures to create different drag-and-drop email templates regularly.

Setup Email Sender account

Now, set up different sender Email addresses where you want to share Email and connect with a wide range of audiences.

Follow the below steps and connect with them.

  • Click the button given in the app “Connect Account”
  • Click or add an Email Connection, Choose from Microsoft, Google, and SMTP according to your account availability. 
  • See the dashboard and add another account according to it.

Once you have added an account successfully, you must navigate to the main dashboard panel and view the screen.

Select any individual or event with you after viewing this screen, then email your audience's account using your accounts.

  • Important Notes: EasyMails supports Gmail, SMTP, and Outlook accounts for sender account queries.
  • Sending mail from the dashboard

Let’s understand the process in brief.

  • Click the “Open” tab on any column data.
  • Open the side screen and click the “+” button. As the screen points, you reach your next screen and go ahead.
  • Search EasyMails and Add items in the main dashboard. And EasyMails shows in your main dashboard sending an email screen. Just click this component and do as the screen says.
  • Click the EasyMails tab and Fill in the information as needed. You have to add the sender's Email and Email template. After filling information you just click on the “Send Email” button and the email is on the way to share the email template with your team.
  • Click the send button and Your email is ready to deliver.

View Email Reports

After you click "Send," tracking your email's performance is crucial. EasyMails makes this easy by showing you how many contacts opened, clicked, or unsubscribed from your emails right on your Dashboard. For more details, visit the Analytics tab to see which links were clicked and gauge your audience's interest.

EasyMails combines a powerful drag-and-drop editor with comprehensive tracking tools, giving you complete control over your email templates and their performance. Experience the benefits of EasyMails and enhance your email marketing today.

A creative suggestion for EasyMails users

Reduce the effort of sending and reviewing emails by integrating automation with at various application levels. The top-notch automation feature in EasyMails helps you save both time and money.

  • Integrate with the EasyMails and select the appropriate Template

To begin with, select the "integrate" option from the main dashboard and navigate to the screen below. Simply click the tab to view the screen below. You will notice several applications on that screen. Click on the "EasyMails" icon to view the various automation template types.

Set all the components to "When Form is submitted, send Email from Account to Recipient," using any template you choose. Modify the components to suit your needs, both now and in the future.

This is how you use the platform to build up automation in EasyMails. All you have to do is install and then configure EasyMails there. Make it a more potent automation tool so you can distribute emails to your target audience and capture their interest with ease.

Closing Thoughts,

EasyMails is perfect for those who need flexibility and simplicity. Whether you need to modify tools to your exact specifications or want a streamlined process, EasyMails has you covered.

Click "Join" to access our informational site and manage your emails effortlessly. Explore the endless possibilities with EasyMails.

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