5 Reasons Customers Choose “EasyMails” on the monday.com

May 31, 2024

Discover the top 5 reasons to choose EasyMails on monday.com: save time with drag-and-drop editor, seamless integration, email automation, user-friendly UI.

Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose Easymails on monday.com

Greetings from the EasyMails panel.

You may be wondering why people are interested in EasyMails, and you need a satisfactory response to your question. Well, I have the best explanation for you right here. Read the entire blog to find the solution to your query.

Activate your monday.com dashboard and link your powerful panel with EasyMails. monday.com is an all-in-one platform that allows you to engage with a variety of audiences for your valuable products or services.

A superior platform, EasyMails offers a drag-and-drop email template generator. Attach a file from the board, establish an easy connection with monday.com, configure automated emails, check email analytics, link to Microsoft, and Google, and distribute the email template you've produced to your colleagues.

EasyMails provides several key benefits.

  • Save time by not having to create a daily mail template.
  • Utilise the drag-and-drop builder elements.
  • a segment with reasonable prices
  • monday.com integration made simple
  • Engage email monitoring
  • Boost audience presence online

Thanks to EasyMails, You can develop a connection with your valuable audience and we can connect with your valuable services or products. I strongly believe that you can develop your highly valued brand or product to the right audience with the EasyMails drag-and-drop template builder.

The goal of the EasyMails team is to assist as many people as possible who are in need while helping you save time by avoiding the need to create daily email templates. They also set up email automation once they have shared daily email templates with each other. Sending your email to your valued customer only took a few steps using the email template builder.

If you work for an organisation or are experiencing difficulty tracking your email position, EasyMails offers you the chance to end your daily battle with its email tracking feature on monday.com.

The EasyMails team used creative thinking to position you in the monday.com marketplace and highlight the main advantages of the email template creator. With a platform comparison between Supermail and Mailchimp, EasyMails is one of the most potent solutions available on monday.com. 

Using our EasyMails tool, you can compose emails with ease using a drag-and-drop email template builder and give your emails the best possible appearance, which is vital to your consumers. Check out the most significant justification for using EasyMails on the monday.com platform.

Pay close attention to the following crucial details regarding Easymails purpose:

Here we talked about the different purposes of EasyMails and why you have to choose EasyMails with your daily email activity and workload.

1. Drag-and-Drop Email Template Builder

If you've engaged in email activity more than once, you are aware of how difficult the work may be. Sending email content regularly may be the hardest thing on your to-do list. For you, we have good news. Sending emails with a Drag-and-Drop template builder doesn't have to be a difficult or frustrating task. You've found the solution you've been seeking for a free email template builder.

The most crucial aspect of “EasyMails is its drag-and-drop email template builder”, which not only helps you save time with the main monday.com board but also helps you grow your business in the highly competitive world of today.

You and your company gain from Drag-and-Drop email template builder because they:

  • Give a place to start: assist you in organising and planning your content to read well, eventually saving you money and time.

  • Boost your reputation: You have five minutes to make a positive first impression when someone visits your website or uses your services. If your goods or services appear outdated, unprofessional, or boring, you lose credibility. Using templates and email automation might help you leave a good and lasting impression.

  • Raise the return rate and lower the bounce rate: Consider your Email to be attached to the monday.com board. Although you've invited them inside, have you created a secure and engaging environment? If so, your readers will remain on your products or services for a while, come back frequently, and invite others to join.

  • Branding: When readers visit your site, they immediately form an opinion about your brand. Each part of your website, including navigation and response time, conveys a message about your brand and values.

The targeted audience is the main focus of your Email-creating efforts. But if sending daily didn't help businesses elsewhere, they wouldn't do it either. It is a proven truth that creating high-quality, optimised Drag-and-drop email templates makes it more visible in search results.

2. Email Automation in EasyMails with the monday.com board 

As you are aware, EasyMails offers you the best solution for any email-related activity connected to the monday.com board, including the creation of email templates for testing purposes. EasyMails operates on safety rules so that no one can block your daily schedule by creating emails.

An important question that is solved by Email automation with EasyMails: However, what should the email look and feel like?

You may believe that "more is better," which implies that adding more bells and whistles is essential. Using the opposite strategy on monday.com can result in much more potent tools. In other words, a basic EasyMails-Email template builder can attract and retain a larger number of users.

Email Automation screen on the monday.com board with some templates of automation with accounts.

Your automations are linked to your accounts and directed away from your monday.com board if you have SMTP, Gmail, or Outlook accounts. The parts of your design should be imaginative yet clear and simple. Every word in your writing should have a strong purpose and be easy to understand.

Equally crucial is optimizing your website so that potential users can find your EasyMails board online space quickly and simply.  Lastly, share the ready email template with your teammates.

As we talked about, monday.com offers EasyMails support for email automation, allowing you to plan upcoming emails about your products or services using an email tracking system. EasyMails offers an email tracking system that allows you to see the status of your emails.

3. EasyMails Integration with the monday.com

Is it easy and safe to integrate EasyMails integration with monday.com?

Let’s clarify your answer about insecurity related to integration with monday.com for “EasyMails”.

Selecting an integration process with monday.com to "EasyMails-drag-and-drop email template builder" to work with should be among your priorities. Though there are numerous choices, pick one that is well-liked and will work well in your setting. Think about things like Gmail—customers expect you to respond quickly and ensure that your business is operational—as well as security features, customer service, cost, and the range of plans that are offered.

When choosing your product according to your requirements, take a look at the EasyMails integration process. The integration process of EasyMails with monday.com for creating email templates should be simple to drag and drop. They ought to be basic, but not so basic as to leave out important details about your attached files from the monday.com board.

monday.com offers a variety of integrations; all you need to do is select EasyMails for a simpler email template creation process. Because the EasyMails integration process helps send easily created Email templates.Benefit after integrating EasyMails with the monday.com board.

  • Easy sharing template process with teammates
  • Sending automation with accounts(Gmail, Outlook, and SMTP)
  • Tracking Mail status with Easymails analytics feature
  • Attach a file from the board with EasyMail
  • Easy to use and integrate 

Your requirement is strongly impacted by your decision, which we shall cover earlier. You shouldn't undervalue or disregard EasyMails on the monday.com board, therefore.

4. User Interface

The "User Interface" is the most crucial component of any application. The user is the center of attention for your company. EasyMails made this statement on the monday.com board by showcasing its innovative drag-and-drop email template builder feature and creating a user interface that is easy to understand for its users.

Let’s see the main page interface for EasyMails with simple understanding components like the one given below.

The various designs of EasyMails components are simple to comprehend, connect with the monday.com board, and access the components below with ease.

  • Create Template
  • Analytics
  • Sender Accounts
  • Help 
  • Integrate
  • Automate

Remember to modify the template once you've decided which elements best suit your requirements. This is your first chance to distribute the email template to your teammates and inform everyone about everything you can receive via EasyMails on the monday.com board.

Because of the EasyMails design, a large portion of your readers will likely access your website using a smartphone or tablet. Regardless of the device being used, your email's theme should suggest altering and modifying its layout to make sure every user has a great experience.

5. Pricing

One thing that often comes up when working with email or email marketing is expensive plans. EasyMails offers affordable prices for all kinds of users. Also, EasyMails offers features similar to those of its competitors.

EasyMails creates various pricing sections based on the companies of its users. You can establish email template restrictions for different packages based on your business's growth and other factors. Additionally, EasyMails offers a free package for new customers.

Once your free quota has been used up, you must select a plan on the monday.com dashboard to continue using EasyMails. Email tracking, automation, and other features are not blocked by EasyMails on the free plan.

Ending Notes,

When a customer chooses EasyMails for email templates, they are selecting competitive, feature-rich designs that can be quickly customised. Every email will have an attractive look thanks to the templates' use of professional design components.

Email also refers to more than 100 template design components, preventing the Email formats from growing too old or similar. Every template can also be customised for every email. You may spend more time adding information and less time setting up the spacing and format when you use a high-quality template.

If you agree with EasyMails' feature and are satisfied with the whole article then share it with your friends or channels. Just EasyMails has the facility to create a drag-and-drop email template builder with ease.

Contact us at any moment with your valuable inquiry, and a member of the EasyMails team will get in touch with you quickly.

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