Google Workspace Automation

Google Workspace Automation

Collaborate With Everyone On The Same Page And Watch Your Business Grow.

Many businesses are using Google Workspace but aren’t sure about Google Workspace Automation even though they are paying for it. Google Workspace lets you extend the power of Google Apps with Google Apps script and put your business on autopilot, get a free consultation from BaruzoTech, and we will take care of everything. From beginning to understanding what our client will like to automate in Google Workspace to help you get started on the automation efficiently, we can handle everything. Let us help you get started with Google Workspace Automation so that your team can become productive.

Our Google Workspace Automation Process

Our design process follows a proven approach. We begin with a deep understanding of your needs and create a planning template.






Deploying Google Workspace

Google Workspace is so much more than just switching some buttons and migrating your data. It’s all about trying to get more from this new platform! Call us so that we can assist your employees and make them understand how Google Workspace Automation works and guide them to this new way of working. From fresh change management technique, executing the technical tasks to project management, we are here to assist you.

Google Add-Ons Development

Are you thinking about getting some customized add-ons? Easy! BaruzoTech can customize add-ons and skillfully integrate them to Workspace; add-ons are basically customized applications that will allow you to create productive and business applications easily and quickly.


Scripting is another process that we can take care of. We will write scripts for your business which can then be used to build a custom solution and add them right on top of the Google Workspace. With scripts, you will be able to address issues easily.

Customer Success Service

Just by going Google won’t be enough. Like the app and website development needs maintenance service, even with Google Workspace Automation, one requires non-stop support to keep everyone engaged and drive innovative new solutions.

Google Workspace Assessment

Not sure whether Google Workspace is the right tool for you and want some expert advice on that? How about giving us a call so that we can help?

Our Tools

We use the latest and advanced tools.


Why should you work with us?

Why Choose BaruzoTech For Google Workspace Automation Service

image showing benefits of working with us
BaruzoTech has in-depth knowledge about Google apps and Workspace automation.
We stick to Workspace applications guidelines and standards to not make any errors.
We can help you with interactive and user-friendly interfaces to interact with different Google apps.
BaruzoTech is always there to help its clients whenever they need it.
Our Google Workspace Automation service provides high-end security so that your data and apps can stay secure from malicious attacks.