OneDrive Sync

OneDrive Sync

Automate Folder Creation & File Sync Between and OneDrive

OneDrive Sync is an integration designed for users who need a seamless connection with Microsoft OneDrive. It's perfect for teams looking to automate their document management and ensure consistent file synchronization between and OneDrive.

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  • Automated Folder Creation: Automatically generate a new OneDrive folder whenever you add a new item in, keeping your files systematically organized.
  • Real-Time File Synchronization: Sync files from items to the corresponding OneDrive folder, ensuring your team always has access to the latest documents.
  • Manual Option: Enables you to create folders and sync files on demand with a button click, giving control over file updates and organization.
  • Custom Parent Folder Selection: Choose specific parent folders in OneDrive for new folder creation, aligning with your project structure.
  • Integration with Automations: Integrates with's custom automations for tailored workflow solutions.

Benefits for Your Team:

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Automated updates and syncs improve team efficiency.
  • Time-Saving Automation: Reduces manual file handling, focusing your team on core tasks.
  • Improved Organization: Keeps documents organized and accessible in both and OneDrive.

About Us

BaruzoTech, a Bronze Partner, is committed to enhancing team productivity and collaboration. We focus on intuitive design and user experience, bridging the gap between tools like and OneDrive.

How it works?


How does OneDrive Sync integrate with my workflow?

OneDrive Sync integrates seamlessly with your workflow by automatically creating corresponding folders in OneDrive whenever a new item is added or a specific button is pressed in It also synchronizes file changes between and OneDrive, ensuring your documents are always up-to-date.

Can I choose where in OneDrive my folders are created?

Yes, OneDrive Sync allows you to select a parent folder in OneDrive. This means you can decide exactly where your new project folders are created, allowing for personalized organization that fits your existing file structure.

Will OneDrive Sync update files in real-time?

Yes, OneDrive Sync is designed to update and sync files in real-time. Whenever you make changes to files in, these changes will be immediately reflected in the corresponding OneDrive folder, ensuring that all team members have access to the most current versions of documents.

Is it possible to automate the file synchronization process?

Absolutely. OneDrive Sync can be configured to automatically sync files whenever changes are made in, or you can opt to synchronize files manually with the press of a button. Additionally, the app integrates with's native automations for even more customization.

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