Revolutionize Your Data Workflow with Airsheets

Bringing the power of Airtable directly to your Google Sheets

Streamline Your Data Management

Sync your Airtable data seamlessly with Google Sheets. Choose which base and table you want to connect, and with a simple click, your data is up-to-date and ready to use.

Simplified Query Creation

Create and save custom queries for every use case. Whether you need data from different bases or tables, Airsheets allows you to manage it all in one place.

Secure and Easy to Use

First-time setup is a breeze with our straightforward authorization process. Airsheets securely connects with your Airtable bases, providing a safe and efficient data management solution

Getting Started with Airsheets

  1. Install the Add-on: Simply add Airsheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace and find it under the 'Extensions' tab in Google Sheets.
  2. Authorize the Connector: Click 'Authorize' and follow the prompts to provide access to your Airtable bases.
  3. Create a Query: Choose the Airtable base and table you want to sync with your Google Sheet. Click 'Save Query', and you're set!
  4. Run Your Query: Click 'Run' next to your saved query. Watch as Airsheets updates your Google Sheet with the latest data from Airtable.
  5. Manage Multiple Queries: Set up as many queries as you need. Airsheets supports multiple queries for versatile data management.

How it works?


What is Airsheets?

Airsheets is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to seamlessly sync your data from Airtable directly into your Google Sheets.

How do I install Airsheets?

You can install Airsheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace. Once installed, you'll find it under the 'Extensions' tab in Google Sheets.

Can I create multiple queries with Airsheets?

Yes, Airsheets supports the creation of multiple queries. You can sync data from different bases or tables depending on your needs.

Is my data secure with Airsheets?

Airsheets uses secure protocols to access your Airtable data. We prioritize your privacy and the security of your data.

Who can I contact if I need help with Airsheets?

If you need help with Airsheets, please reach out to our dedicated support team

Are there plans to integrate Airsheets with other tools?

We are always looking to enhance Airsheets. If you have suggestions for integrations, feel free to share your thoughts with our team.

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