Docs Builder Installation Guide

1. Installation

  • Visit the Marketplace and find "Docs Builder."
  • Install the Docs Builder app and select the target board.
  • Follow the prompts for installation.

2. Template Preparation

  • Create a Google Docs™ template with designated placeholders (e.g., {{CustomerName}}, {{InvoiceNumber}}).
  • Save the template in your Google Drive™.

3. Accessing Docs Builder

  • Log in to and navigate to the relevant board containing the data for document generation.

4. Create a Recipe

5. Generating PDF Files

  • When you run your recipe, Docs Builder will automatically initiate the document generation process.

6. Output File Placement

  • The resulting PDF file will be automatically saved based on your column selection during recipe creation.


Creating a Customer Invoice with Docs Builder

Find the sample Google DocTM template here

Let's say you run a small business and need to create invoices for your clients. Docs Builder makes this process very easy.

1. Template Setup

You've created a Google DocsTM template for your invoices. It has special placeholders, denoted by double curly braces, like this

Customer Name: {{CustomerName}}
Invoice Number:  {{InvoiceNumber}}
Amount Due: {{AmountDue}}

2. Board Data

In your board, you have an item for a recent transaction:

Name : John Doe
Invoice : INV-001
Amount : $1000

3. Automatic Replacement

When you use Docs Builder, it automatically takes this information and puts it into your template. So, it replaces {{CustomerName}} with John Doe, {{InvoiceNumber}} with INV-001, and {{AmountDue}} with $1000.

4. Generated Invoice

The result is a complete invoice that looks like this:
Customer Name: John Doe
Invoice Number: INV-001
Amount Due: $1000

5. Save and Send

You can then save this invoice and send it to your client, all within